Hap Crawford

Age: 78
Training since: January 2007
Frequency: 2-3 days per week

From Hap’s wife Charlotte: “Due to chronic pain, causing less and less activity and increasing amounts of pain medication, my husband could barely get out of his chair, shuffled his feet, to shower exhausted him, he needed help dressing, and he usually could not drive.

Then we met Brandi. Two to three times a week of exercising with Brandi (as important as a doctor appointment) has made all the difference. She has worked slowly on all the little and big muscles. Now six months later he is walking further and faster each week, is back to working and driving, and he has reduced his pain medicine by nearly 1/2, making him more alert – he has his life back. Continuing to exercise three times a week is not an option – it is a life-saving necessity … and Brandi keeps him challenged.”

Valerie Donovan

Age: 40
Training since: February 2005
Frequency: 3 days per month

“Brandi Proffitt has been my climbing trainer for almost three years now. She has inspired me and I’m so grateful to have met her. She has always been patient, reliable and very professional. She is excellent at communicating technical information and is always supportive and caring. I highly recommend Brandi as a personal trainer. She is the very best!”

Susan Barcena

Age: 49
Training since: October 2005
Frequency: 1-2 days per week

“My weekly sessions with Brandi have resulted in my increased stamina and loss of body fat. Under her expert direction, I have been able to accomplish excellent results in body tone through rigorous strength & cardio training. Working out with Brandi has never felt like a boring routine due to the creativy in her exercise plans. I feel the most important benefit I have gained from working with Brandi is the total elimination of the aches and pains I felt as a result from years of inactivity and aging. Now I could not live without my workouts with her!”

Jena Lupia

Member 2007 US Jr. National Climbing Team
3rd place, 2007 Jr. National Bouldering Championships
Age: 16
Training since: December 2005
Frequency: 3 days per week

“Brandi Proffitt has talent, experience, and a willingness to teach. Her knowledge in physical education is one of a kind. She can push and test physical as well as mental limits, but also share stories and laughs at the end of the day. My physical results are ever-changing and my mental knowledge has grown ten-fold. She has taken my climbing ability to the next level. She works specifically on what you personally need. She is always willing to help and will do it with a smile on her face. I consider Brandi a great coach and friend!”

Joseph Varela

Age: 46
Training since: May 2006
Frequency: 1 day per week

“I’m a big fan. For years I have been a student of human body motion via dance, sports and martial arts. The first time I saw Brandi climbing I saw a grace, strength and precision I have only seen in the best so I wanted to learn from one of the best. With Brandi’s guidance I have now only begun to learn vertical motion. It’s like dance or martial arts, but on a vertical or more than vertical rock or wall. I’m having a blast. Oh, by the way, strength and fitness have also been a byproduct of this training.”