Personal Training Sessions
A standard personal training session is one hour, and is typically one-on-one; group sessions are also offered. Each session is designed to be challenging and motivating, and is part of a total program built to achieve the client’s goals. My current clients range from 15 to 82 years old, and their goals include everything from building upper body strength, to losing 50 pounds, to getting up off the couch with ease. Read some of their testimonials to learn about the results they’ve experienced.


The Basics
More and more people are discovering that climbing is a great non-traditional form of fitness training, as it integrates the use of the entire body with a continual mental challenge. For the new climber, I introduce the basics of climbing movement, as well as top-rope management and belay skills. It’s important to learn good movement skills and technique early to prevent the typical “bad habits” many climbers later find themselves trying to break.

Intermediate/Advanced Skills
I specialize in movement-based training, utilizing a climber’s strengths and targeting his/her weaknesses for overall improvement. I often incorporate cross-training, such as climbing-specific strength & functional training, finger strength development, cardio, and flexibility work, into a client’s program.

Lead Climbing
I teach lead climbing, belaying and communication skills to those climbers who have safely mastered top-roping and have achieved a minimum climbing ability to ensure safety on the rock.

Competition Coaching
As a junior or adult competitor, climbers need to train their physical strength and technical abilities, develop their route-reading skills, and prepare mentally and physically for the various competition formats they will encounter. I draw on my knowledge of periodization training and various forms of cross-training, as well as my own competition and routesetting experience, to prepare each athlete for his/her events. I have worked with competition climbers of all ages and have studied training concepts for junior athletes specifically. I focus on improving each athlete’s ability to compete while maintaining a dynamic training schedule that allows for proper recovery and injury prevention.

Outdoor Climbing Trips
I offer outdoor training of top-rope, lead, and bouldering skills. Day and weekend trips are available to groups and private parties. See the Calendar section for info on my upcoming climbing trip to The Enchanted Tower in Datil, NM!

Training Camps & Community Programs
I offer junior training camps, adult clinics and women-specific clinics in New Mexico and around the country, and have been involved with local community programs in Albuquerque.