Yoga for the Athlete

While athletes do so much to take care of their bodies, the sports in which they engage can be very fatiguing for both the body and mind. Yoga is an effective way to improve health, manage injuries and restore overall balance for those of us who demand so much of ourselves. I encourage anyone who participates in sport to visit the home of Yoga for the Athlete.

Yoga for the Athlete is offered in Albuquerque, NM by instructor Heather Lee Farrell. As an athlete and experienced yoga teacher, Heather has a working knowledge of the ways in which yoga can benefit an athlete’s training. She works toward creating an environment that is challenging yet easily modified to suit any athlete’s or team’s needs.

Heather is a 500-hour advanced Iyengar-trained Hatha Yoga Teacher. She is trained in Pilates Mat Exercises Levels 1-5. Heather has specialized training and studies in yoga for athletes, therapeutic yoga, restorative yoga, breathwork and meditation.

My personal experience with Heather has been extremely rewarding, and the instruction she has given me has helped enable me to find balance in my own training and climbing.