Brandi's Equipment Recommendation: TRX Suspension Trainer

I recently obtained a certification in Suspension Training through Fitness Anywhere. As a climber, I have incorporated various forms of suspension training into my own workouts for many years. I have used pull-up bars, gymnastic rings and a variety of fingerboard training tools created for climbers.

I believe that some form of suspension training is incredibly effective for everyone, whether or not they climb. The problem I have found with the types of equipment I’ve used for myself is that they are generally not adaptable to different levels of strength, or the different goals of my clients.

The TRX is the first piece of equipment I have seen that I truly believe will work for anyone, because it allows you to work with your own body weight, but also adapt the exercises to suit your own level of strength and fitness.

After having used this tool regularly myself, and now with clients as well, I can highly recommend the TRX for people of all strengths and abilities. It is one of the best new products I have used and I’m excited to share it with others. Please click the link below to learn more about the TRX and Suspension Training.

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